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2012 Pre-Conference Annual Report

Since the time of the LACSEM meeting presided over by Outgoing Chair Francesca Rivera (fmrivera at and Incoming Chair Jane Florine (jflorine at in Philadelphia, LACSEM has expanded its activities and visibility.   The section’s main goal of improving internal communication has been met:  Michael Marcuzzi (marcuzzi at has kept the listserv of 172 running smoothly, 86 members have paid dues (as of  8/9/12), and 76 individuals have signed up for the LACSEM Facebook page ( set up by LACSEM Facebook Administrator Brigido Galván (brigido at  In addition, Juan Eduardo Wolf has created a LACSEM blog ( with content submitted by members.  The section’s current account balance as of 8/9/12 was $2,209.  For the general LACSEM section page, see <>.

After the Philadelphia meeting, the new LACSEM Student Paper Prize guidelines put together by the planning Committee (Dan Sheehy, Rebecca Bodenheimer, and Jane Florine) received SEM Board approval–with the caveat that submissions be made in hard copy form and managed by LACSEM.  The first Judging Committee will be formed at the New Orleans meeting, where the first prize submissions will be accepted (see LACSEM section page for guidelines).

Darien Lamen, who agreed to receive panel ideas and manage LACSEM panel endorsement for the New Orleans conference, carried out his duties:  four LACSEM-sponsored panels will be presented in New Orleans–many more than the lone LACSEM-sponsored panel presented at the Philadelphia meeting.  Liz Gilbert, who offered to coordinate a LACSEM workshop for the next SEM meeting, is organizing the danzón workshop with Alejandro Madrid and Robin Moore that will be held right after the LACSEM business meeting in New Orleans. Chair Jane Florine and Chair-Elect Daniel Party (dparty at will preside over the LACSEM meeting and danzón workshop to be held in New Orleans, after which Party will immediately take over the duties of LACSEM Chair.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Florine



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LACSEM Student Paper Prize Guidelines Accepted

The SEM Board has approved the LACSEM Student Paper Prize guidelines that were presented at our meeting in Philadelphia last fall. We will therefore be accepting the first paper submissions for the LACSEM Student Paper Prize at the SEM annual meeting this fall in New Orleans. The one caveat is that we will not be able to handle electronic submissions at this time. Below are the guidelines as they stand.

The LACSEM Student Paper Prize

Purpose: To recognize the most distinguished student paper about Latin American or Caribbean music presented at the SEM annual meeting.

Eligibility: Any student who presents, in person, a formal paper about Latin American or Caribbean music at the SEM annual meeting. A student shall be defined as a person pursuing an active course of studies in a degree program. This will include persons who are engaged in writing the doctoral dissertation but not those who are teaching full-time while doing so. Please note: The LACSEM prize competition is separate from other prize competitions. Papers submitted for other prizes (such as the Seeger Prize) are also eligible for the LACSEM prize.

Prize: A cash prize in an amount decided annually by the LACSEM chair; the amount will not exceed $200.

Regularity: Annually. The prize may be withheld by the decision of the committee.

Administration: The selection committee shall be made up of three or four members of LACSEM, with members chosen for the next year’s competition by the section at its annual business meeting or by mail-in vote. (Students may not serve on this committee.) Entries will be judged solely on the content of the papers, including the use of video and audio examples submitted. In general, the LACSEM Prize selection committee will decide upon a winner by 15 March each year.

Application Process: To apply for the LACSEM prize, each prize candidate must deposit four copies of his/her paper to the prize committee chair, preferably at the LACSEM business meeting at the annual SEM conference, and fill in a registration form. The time and location of the LACSEM meeting will be listed in the conference program. If a prize candidate is unable to attend the LACSEM business meeting, the copies of the paper should be given to the prize committee chair by the end of the SEM business meeting at the annual SEM conference. The paper deposited is to be the version that is read at the conference and may not exceed twelve double-spaced pages (roughly 3,900) words. Candidates are encouraged to submit four copies of audio or visual examples that will be used in the presentation (tape, cassette, CD, VHS, or DVD formats are acceptable) with a brief explanation of how the examples are used in the presentation.

Application Deadline: End of the SEM business meeting, usually held on Saturday of the annual SEM conference.

Send Application To: LACSEM Prize Selection Committee Chair

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2011 LACSEM Annual Report

A PDF version of this report is available on the Documents page under Resources.

LACSEM Annual Report for the SEM Board Submitted on 2/28/12

The Latin American and Caribbean Music Section (LACSEM) continued to expand its activities and presence in SEM this past year; the LACSEM listserv has grown to 172 members, 59 people have paid LACSEM dues as of 2/21/12, and 57 individuals have joined its new Facebook page.  At the SEM meeting in Philadelphia, LACSEM sponsored an Afro-Brazilian dance and drum workshop given by Alex Shaw and Velly Bahia and a panel about improvisation in Latin American music and dance.  The Afro-Brazilian dance and drum workshop cost $750, and the Section’s current balance is $1,934.

At the LACSEM meeting held during the SEM conference, Outgoing Chair Francesca Rivera presided.  After a general discussion of how to improve LACSEM communication, Juan Eduardo Wolf offered to start a LACSEM blog; various members volunteered to send him content.  The membership then elected Brigido Galvan to be LACSEM’s Facebook Page Administrator and to create a LACSEM Facebook page.

Incoming Chair Jane Florine led a discussion of the proposed LACSEM Student Paper Prize guidelines put together by the LACSEM Student Paper Prize Committee comprised of Dan Sheehy, Rebecca Bodenheimer, and herself.  The membership voted to have a modified version of these guidelines approved by the SEM Board.  The first Committee to judge submissions will be formed at the New Orleans SEM meeting, and the first submissions will be accepted in November 2012.

Those present discussed panel ideas for the next SEM annual meeting, and Darien Lamen agreed to coordinate LACSEM panel sponsorship electronically.  LACSEM also decided to offer a workshop—to be coordinated by Liz Gilbert–at the New Orleans meeting.

Daniel Party was chosen as Chair-Elect and will begin his duties at the New Orleans meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Florine


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Workshop on Afro-Brazilian Music and Dance at SEM 2011

On Thursday, November 17, 2011, LACSEM sponsored a introductory workshop on Afro-Brazilian Drumming and Dance at the Moving Music, Sounding Dance joint SEM-CORD Meeting in Philadelphia. Alex Shaw and Velly Bahia were the presenters. After an initial warm-up with all the participants, Alex, musical director of the the renowned 14-piece Brazilian ensemble, Alô Brasil, taught one group of participants a series of rhythm patterns on Brazilian percussion instruments. In the other room, Velly, a former dancer in the Ballet Folclórico da Bahia, taught the rest of the participants a sequence of dance moves based on a combination of Orixá and modern Afro-Brazilian movement. At the end of the session, the two groups joined to perform with one another.

The workshop was well attended and enjoyed by all! Special Thanks to Ketty Wong for providing photographs.

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Welcome to the LACSEM Web Log

Welcome to a new site dedicated to hosting information about the Latin American Section of the Section for Ethnomusicology and its activities. This space is dedicated a wider set of resources and information than can be maintained via Facebook or the listserv. Please feel free to contribute by adding comments or sending material for a new post to the e-mail (at) We ask for your patience as we streamline the process for contributing to this page. We plan to update this site weekly.

Brigido Galvan has also created a LACSEM group on Facebook and we recommend using this as a tool for such activities as brainstorming and coordinating panel ideas for SEM 2012. (Please note that you must “request to join” the group in order for Brigido to then add you.)

Information for joining the LACSEM listserv may be found here.

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